Joey Robinson on Separation of Church and State

Like Matt Moore, who I told you about yesterday, Joey Robinson is running for Mississippi's 4th Congressional District. Robinson is the Libertarian candidate and also hopes to unseat incumbent Steven Palazzo. I contacted him on Twitter too as part of American Atheists' #AtheistVoter campaign, and you can see his response below:

I had hoped for a clear statement of support for the separation of church and state, but he's right about the Constitution. I think it is fair to interpret this statement as one of support. Now if only lawmakers would remember this when they go to Washington, we'd all be in better shape.

You can find Joey Robinson on Twitter @LibertarianJoey.


Matt Moore Supports Separation of Church and State

https://twitter.com/mattmoore4msMatt Moore (D) is running against incumbent Steven Palazzo (R) in Mississippi's 4th Congressional District. I contacted him recently on Twitter as part of American Atheists' #AtheistVoter campaign. You can see his response below:

I've been disappointed with Palazzo on church-state separation, so it is good to see that we have an alternative who actually supports it.

You can find Matt Moore on Twitter @MattMoore4MS.


JesusWeen Approaches

Jack-o-lantern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I was using the Internet to read up on JesusWeen the other day. Yeah, I know. I just can't help being fascinated with such things. I came across an interesting conversation by some Christians on a forum that I really wish I had bookmarked or screen captured. One was complaining that nearly all of what he had been able to find online about JesusWeen was somewhat snarky or mocking in tone and/or content.

That's a real shame, I thought. Some evangelical fundamentalist Christians decide that a particular holiday is too pagan, too scary, too dangerous with all the demons waiting around to possess good Christians, or just too fun and set out to Jesus it up. Instead of handing out candy, which the children ringing their doorbells clearly want, they'll hand out Christian bibles, which I can't imagine any child wanting on Halloween. Clearly, this is a holiday tradition we should be taking more seriously!

I suppose an argument could be made that the infusion of Jesus into Halloween really does make sense (see here for a visual depiction of why I might say this). As I wrote back in 2009,
Still, Halloween always seems like a good excuse to remember that Christians believe in ghosts, think that angels and demons are battling for their "souls," and insist that they have "a personal relationship" with a 2,000 year-old zombie. It is almost as if every day is Halloween for Christians.


Sexy Evolution in Huntsville

The North Alabama Freethought Association is hosting this event on Saturday, November 1 in Huntsville. It is open to the public, so one does not need to be a member of their organization to attend.

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How to Participate in American Atheists' #AtheistVoter Campaign

AtheistVoter ProfileDo you use Twitter? Are you ready for a bit of Twitter activism? On October 21, 2014, American Atheists launched a two-week social media campaign designed to encourage atheists and other non-religious individuals in the U.S. to contact our elected officials, let them know that we vote, and tell them about our concerns and priorities.

The #AtheistVoter campaign is aimed at candidates who are running in the rapidly approaching midterm elections; however, I see no problem with using it as an opportunity to let our elected officials hear from us whether they are running for re-election or not. In fact, I think it is a great idea for us to remind our elected officials here in Mississippi that they represent significant numbers of atheists, humanists, and other non-religious persons. By making our presence known, we may be more difficult to forget. Over time, it may become clearer that ignoring us and continuing to pander to the religious will cost votes.
“Atheists make up millions of voters in every election but we get little attention from candidates or elected officials,” said American Atheists President David Silverman. “It’s time that we make ourselves known–that we be loud about the fact that we vote and about the issues we care about. If candidates want our votes, they are going to have to pay more attention to us.”