Please Help A Brave Young Man In South Mississippi

As a follow up to my post about the young man in south Mississippi who took a stand for the separation of church and state, his mother says he’s starting to get a lot of harassment, threats, etc. She contacted me by email after I kind of stuck up for the kid in the newspaper forums. She requested that I send his email around and see if people who support him could drop him a line and tell him that he does have a lot of support and that there are people who believe in what he did. She mentioned that he “really needs it.” I work in that county and I can imagine what he’s having to face right now.

His email is wesleycrawford@tds.net.

Any help you could give to lend some support to this young man would be much appreciated. As you are probably aware, he’s got pretty much the entire community against him. Send him a short email expressing your support and encouragement.

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