Obama is the Anti-Christ?

I'm listening to a fellow co-worker share her political and religious views on what's to come. I've no idea who she's talking to but I'm doing my best not to either laugh or cry.

You see, this co-worker seriously believes that Obama is likely the anti-Christ and that he will rise to power and bring about the End Times as described in the Book of Revelations. She's talking about how China and Russia are lining up to do something terrible and Obama will bring them all under his control (think "One World Order") but she never gives any evidence or mentions anything specific other than bits and pieces of Bible prophecy.

This is not a stupid person doing the talking. It's one of my neighbors and friends. But I've got to tell you that she sounds completely insane sitting here in the middle of the office talking about this as loudly as she can. She's speculating now that Obama will bring about the "false peace" that precedes the end of the world. Christians will be raptured before the worst of it - blah, blah. I know she's gotten these ideas from spam emails, Faux News and her pastor. I feel sorry for her but I've got to laugh too. This stuff is just too crazy to make up.

It's one thing to get stupid emails about Obama being the anti-Christ. It's quite another to hear a friend tell it as if it were gospel truth. What does it say about Mississippi that a person can quote this stuff in an office and people all around don't just fall out of their chairs laughing? I don't think it makes us look very good.