Contact the Education Committee About HB 25

Mississippi State CapitolImage via WikipediaSince posting about HB 25, a bill before the Mississippi State Legislature designed to misinform students about evolution by slapping ridiculous stickers on science textbooks, I've been busy. My first task involved determining exactly who we need to contact with regard to HB 25. It ended up taking quite a bit longer than it should have, but I think I now have an answer. The bill has been referred to the House Education Committee. The members of this committee include the following state representatives:
  • Cecil Brown, Chairman
  • Sara R. Thomas, Vice-Chairman
  • Noal Akins
  • Toby Barker
  • Billy Broomfield
  • Kelvin Buck
  • Kimberly Campbell Buck
  • Clara Burnett
  • Bryant W. Clark
  • Alyce G. Clarke
  • Linda F. Coleman
  • Reecy L. Dickson
  • Bob Evans
  • Herb Frierson
  • Joe C. Gardner
  • Esther Harrison
  • Gregory Holloway
  • Wanda Jennings
  • Brandon Jones
  • Sherra Hillman Lane
  • John Mayo
  • Kevin McGee
  • David W. Myers
  • Russ Nowell
  • Jimmy Puckett
  • Rufus Straughter
  • J. Shaun Walley
  • Greg Ward
  • Joseph L. Warren
  • Tom Weathersby
  • Linda Whittington
I realize that this is a large committee. Fortunately, they all have e-mail addresses so contacting them may be a simple cut-and-paste job. If you'd like to focus on the representative(s) of your district, you can find out who represents you by entering your zip code. My particular representative is not on this committee, so I will contact other members as well.

Once again, thanks to Pharyngula and Tony's curricublog for breaking this one.

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