My Reaction to Jindal's GOP Response

Like many Americans, I watched Obama's recent Congressional address. Truth be told, I was more interested to hear from Jindal. You see, I've heard so many wonderful things about him but had not previously seen him speak (aside from brief sound bytes on the news). I'm no conservative, but with Jindal being heralded around here as the next serious GOP presidential contender, I wanted to see more. Having intently watched his response to Obama's address, what most stood out to me was his utter disdain for science. Yep, this stood out for me even more than the fact that he lied during his brief speech. It looks like the Republican Party has not learned much from the catastrophic failures of the Bush administration. Those of us hoping to promote reason, science, and reality-based education have reason to be worried about Jindal.

Hearing Jindal disparage the idea of federal funding to monitor volcanoes was quite telling. I hope the nickname given to him by Homosecular Gaytheist sticks: Bobby "Something Called 'Volcano Monitoring'" Jindal. Perhaps it will remind Americans that he represents more anti-science nonsense.

Maybe my reaction has something to do with the fact that I was living in Oregon when Mount St. Helens erupted. I vividly remember the many deaths and the destructive power. I remember the sky turning black in the middle of the day and ash falling like a heavy snow. I remember what happened to automobile engines when they suck in a sudden influx of ash.

But I would like to think that I would have been disgusted with Jindal regardless of this experience. Remember, here are some other facts about Jindal:
I think it should be fairly obvious that atheists, regardless of their political persuasion, should be at least a bit worried about Jindal.