Teagging With Birthers and Racists (For Jesus)

Remember the excellent photos userjack6880 shared with us from the teabagging in Biloxi? Someone else liked them too and beat me to using them to more fully illustrate what the teabagger movement has become. Check out this post at Bay of Fundy, and you'll see what I mean.
Patriots always speak up when the government goes astray. If you only speak up when your guy loses the election, you aren’t patriotic at all.
The overlap between teabaggers, birthers, racists, Fox "News" consumers, and Christian extremists strikes me as more than coincidental. Regardless, this new movement also seems to overlap with what we are seeing in the town hall meetings of Democratic members of Congress. Scary stuff that seems to be getting closer to a boiling point.

Are the viable arguments for fiscal responsibility? Absolutely. Are there legitimate objections that can be raised to the Democratic plan for health care form? Absolutely. The thing is, this isn't it.

Photo credit: userjack6880

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