Mississippi Celebrates Ignorance and Superstition

The state of Mississippi topped the list of most religious states according to the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. On worship attendance, frequency of prayer, and god belief, we are #1. Of all the responses to this ranking I have encountered, one stands out to me as demanding attention.

After noting that "...generations of Mississippians have learned time and time again just how bad the state is in comparison with other states in the union," the Editorial Board of The Natchez Democrat had this to say:
But last week, just before the nation paused to celebrate the birth of Christ, Mississippi made a No. 1 appearance on perhaps the only list that will ultimately matter.
While acknowledging that Mississippi leads the nation in poverty, obesity, illiteracy, and heart disease, the board saw fit to write an article titled "Mississippi focuses on what matters."
As refreshing as it is for the humble people of Mississippi to be No. 1 in something, Mississippians certainly won’t gloat. The majority of them — the study confirms — takes their lead and example from the humble son of a Jewish carpenter.
They really don't get it, do they? How can we expect to improve our state when we celebrate ignorance and superstition?

H/T to StateStreetPosts.com

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