Kidnapping For Jesus

By now everyone has heard about Laura Silsby, the grifter facing several civil lawsuits through her internet business riddled with deceptive practices facing several civil suits, and her group of doe-eyed Christian Fundamentalist Protestants that believe they are on a mission from God to do whatever they want regardless of secular laws.

Well, today they were denied release and any special treatment despite their pleas regarding their perfect and divine plan to take children from a sovereign country without so much as a "praise Jesus, we're taking these babies" to the legal authority, both Haitian and international.

Their attorney and even the Southern Baptist Convention are now pulling out all of the stops to convince the world that these 10 folks were just simpletons, naive in the ways of the world by just doing what the Big Guy demanded them to do.

Of course, the truth is that grown men and women decided to travel into a disaster zone and work with a local Haitian pastor who had convinced (sold) families of children (not orphans) on the idea that they were taking them to a temporary club for kids in the Dominican Republic and that the families could later come and visit. We've since learned that they were told by Dominican and UN authorities ahead of time that they would be committing an illegal act if they were to persist...and they did so anyway.

This Baptist group asserts plainly that they went there to "adopt orphans", convert them to the Protestant religious sect of Christianity (as is their stated foundational mission) and farm them out to others of their own faith.
Silsby's Central Valley Baptist Church in Meridian, Idaho, had begun planning last year to build an orphanage, school and church in Magante, on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. Their plan was to work with U.S. adoption agencies to find "loving Christian parents" for Haitian and Dominican children. When the quake struck, the church members decided to act immediately, renting a hotel in a nearby Dominican beach resort and hiring a bus to collect children from the disaster area.
They not only didn't "complete the paperwork", they had none, and felt that they could just walk in and skip over everyone else who has been participating in the correct adoption processes in place to ensure the safety and well-being of children.

They were duplicitous because their intent was to eventually take these children and present them to other Christians for adoption, not keep them in the region or to keep families and traditions intact.

The bottom line is that this group didn't go to Haiti to simply provide humanitarian aid or to protect the sanctity of families and ancestral culture.

They went there to take children from their lands in the midst of chaos, proselytize and attempt to convert them to their own brand of religion at a time when ordinary "checks and balances" were down for the count.

Certainly they present a "physical mission", but it is merely a cover for the "real mission", which is to convert children to their own particular religious affiliation when these poor families are suffering and most open to the subtlety of emotional pressure.

The sect violated international law, Haitian law and the laws of common sense and promoting themselves now as victims of persecution by the forces of Satan in need of special legal consideration is the most cynical and slick use of religion there is and always has been.

The leader of this fiasco, Laura Silsby, will be put under the microscope soon and will no doubt further and continuously raise the specter of Christian persecution to dodge culpability for these actions (among others).

Expect more petitions to keep these Christian victims in prayers for special deliverance and much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth demanding instant and default dismissal on the grounds that to not do so would be a Satanic conspiracy of historical proportions.

Never has there been a more stark and glaring example of both the hubris and irresponsible use of religion than right now.

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