Action Alert: Ask Our Lt. Gov. to Respect Separation of Church and State

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has issued an action alert suggesting that we contact our Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant and ask him to respect separation of church and state. The nativity display which now sits in our state capitol was his idea, and that is not all.

From the action alert:
Lt. Gov. Bryant, according to a news story, requested that the 9/11 Remembrance Foundation place a life-size nativity display in the capitol rotunda to "honor our troops."

Lt. Gov. Bryant told a reporter: "Recognizing our troops at Christmas, praying for our troops, I think it's a perfect fit."
The FFRF is requesting that we write to Lt. Gov. Bryant at the address below in order to make it clear that we object to his role in bringing the nativity scene to our state capitol. Here are the "talking points" they provide to assist those of us who plan to write letters:
Displaying a nativity scene in the Mississippi state capitol building sends a message of governmental endorsement of Christianity. FFRF objects to "public forums" on government property involving religion. There should be neither religious nor irreligious displays on government property.

A nativity scene on government property shows great disrespect for nonbelievers, and those of minority faiths. In the U.S., 15% of residents identify as nonreligious, and the violation makes the nonreligious feel like political outsiders in their own community (ARIS 2008).

Religious symbols and displays have no place on government property. Elected officials should not use their government position and government property as a place for promoting their religious views. FFRF will gladly remove its sign if religious displays are kept out of the state capitol.
And finally, here is the address to use:

The Honorable Phil Bryant
Office of the Lieutenant Governor
P.O. Box 1018
Jackson MS 39215
Web Form: http://www.ltgovbryant.com/contact/

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