Coverage of the FFRF Sign in the Mississippi Media

Not surprisingly, the presence of a sign criticizing religion in the Mississippi State Capitol has turned into a far bigger story than the presence of a nativity scene in the same location was. And yet, there has been far less coverage by the local media than I would have predicted. Here is a sampling of how the sign and the motives behind it are being covered in the Mississippi news media:
And yet, that seems to be about it for media coverage. As I noted previously, I find the themes emerging in our local media fairly disappointing. This is not about a Wisconsin-based invasion of our state!

However, I would like to highlight an exception to the otherwise poor quality of the coverage. From what I have seen of her work, Elizabeth Crisp (Clarion-Ledger) seems to be covering this quite well. Her first article was informative and framed the issue appropriately, and her second actually played down the controversy. I hope she is right and that there will continue to be little actual controversy.

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