Haunted Cemeteries in Mississippi

haunted cemeteryThe Hattiesburg American just ran a story about haunted cemeteries in Pearl River County. As I read the first few paragraphs of the article, I found myself thinking that this was an odd story to print on Christmas. I soon realized that this is exactly the sort of thing we should expect on slow news days. And besides, how is all this Christian zombie worship really that different from believing in ghosts?

But if the title of the article was what caught my attention, it was really the last sentence that stuck with me:
Investigating the paranormal has gained popularity these days, with several reality ghost shows currently airing on TV.
Slow news day plus subject of great public interest equals this story. Now I get it. But why has investigating the so-called paranormal become increasingly popular?

Perhaps this is another indication that traditional religion is losing at least some of its appeal. Maybe interest in ghost hunting and the like reflects a growing desire to experience the supernatural entities which religion insists are real but provides no way to access. Could it be that those who are drawn to such "investigations" are merely trying to validate what they have been told to believe?

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