Hattiesburg Mayor Uses Office to Promote Religion

Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree is running for state governor as a Democrat. It seems that he is counting on Christian voters to make him competitive and does not mind alienating secular Mississippians in the process.

According to the Hattiesburg American, Dupree celebrated the National Day of Prayer this week with a prayer breakfast.
"This is about petitioning God and asking him for the things he can do for us," DuPree said. "This is a special day for Hattiesburg."
Really? Are you sure it isn't about getting elected and pandering to Christian voters?

Among Dupree's invited guests was Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Mike Espy. Espy, also a former U.S. representative from Mississippi, pushed the need to more prayer in Mississippi as an answer to the many problems we face.
"We have to stop and remind ourselves of our turmoil and troubles," Espy told the crowd. "We have to stop and say, 'No matter what, Lord, you're still in control.'
While neither Dupree nor Espy came right out and said that the recent tornados in our state were the result of our "sin," this does seem to have been implied. Instead of working with Mississippians who lost property and family members to help them access aid services, these men chose to exploit the vulnerable by pushing their religion.

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