Bigotry is Alive and Well

JesuslandI was on Twitter last night for a bit when someone I didn't recall seeing before told me that I should leave the South because my kind (i.e., atheists) was not wanted here. This particular bigot turned out to be from Atlanta. He (I'm assuming the person was male) went on to say that I should leave not just the South but the entire country.

We went back and forth a few times. The argument about why I should leave - as close as I could get him to articulate it - was that my quest to remove "under god" from U.S. currency, a quest I was unaware I was on, was doomed to fail. I'm still not sure what this had to do with my leaving the U.S., but I suspect this was merely a variant of the tiresome "we're a Christian nation" claim.

I've always found this line of argument (i.e., atheists should leave because they are a minority) to be one of the most absurd planks of the Christian extremist platform. But I suppose many of these folks would just as soon kick out members of all minority groups.

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