Public Hearings on the Mississippi Personhood Amendment

Efforts to end reproductive rights for women in Mississippi have been underway for some time. Back in 2009, the American Family Association made it known that they considered our state to be a perfect battleground. Personhood Mississippi held a press conference in February 2010 to unveil their plans to impose a "personhood" amendment on Mississippi. And in earlier this month, we saw that the proposed amendment was before our State Supreme Court.

Mims has just informed me that the "personhood" amendment (Amendment 26) is now headed for public hearings around Mississippi. The hearings are scheduled to start on July 7 in Southaven and conclude on September 6 in Cleveland. You can see the schedule here. Mims noted that both Hattiesburg and Gulfport are on the schedule.

Mims reminds us why we should care about this:
If you know anything about this Amendment, you know that it is the product of a very conservative christian world view committed to social engineering through our legal system. If you have any doubt that this is a religiously motivated, go to the Personhood Mississippi website.
If you oppose efforts to abolish reproductive rights for women in Mississippi, please consider attending a public hearing near you to make your voice heard.

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