FFRF Winter Solstice Sign Comes to Mississippi State Capitol

Winter SolsticeGiven that Mississippi regularly tops the list of most religious states in the U.S., it should surprise no one that our state is home to many Christians who insist on erecting blatantly religious Christmas displays in the Mississippi State Capitol building. This year is no different in that a life-sized nativity scene will be in the rotunda of the building. The good news is that just like last year, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), along with the Jackson Skeptical Society, are helping to counter the religious message with a Winter Solstice sign.

You may recall that there was a nativity scene in the Capitol last year and that it prompted the FFRF to apply for a permit to contribute a reality-based message to the display. You may also recall that the permit was approved and that getting the secular display up was something of a last-minute rush job. The sign was a success, and it is great to see how much better organized and timely the efforts are this year.

According to Annie Laurie Gaylor, FFRF Co-President,
We don’t think religion, or irreligion, belongs in state capitols. But if a state is going to permit a nativity display, then we want to be sure that the views of the 16 percent of the U.S. population that is not religious are also represented.
Exactly! Like Gaylor says, religious displays do not belong on government property. The only way they can be there legally is is the door is opened to alternatives. And by getting an alternative message there, the chances that the religious message will continue to be there decreases.

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