Jessica Ahlquist and Christian Hate

Tayler Crocker, True Christian

Hi everyone. I've been out of pocket for the holidays, gleefully celebrating with family and doing my best to just let the world spin, but bringing me out of my cocoon is the news about Jessica Ahlquist winning her court case against her high school concerning its posting of prayer on the school's walls. I applaud her for the courage it must have taken to go against the dominant will of not only her school, but probably her community. We need more atheists like her.

Of particular interest to me is the reaction of Christians to this decision. Yet again, the courts have reaffirmed yet that the State cannot endorse religion. One would think that, by now, the Christian majority would get it. One would think that by now they would understand that they can't put their religious nonsense on public grounds, but no. And what we see is exactly what we have come to expect: The Christians, who routinely tout themselves as the highly moral (and atheists as the supremely amoral) among us, the true arbiters of goodness and decency, show themselves for what they really are: Hate mongers, simpletons, fantasy-addicts, among other descriptors I could have chosen.

Observe from Jessica's twitter feed:

"I hope there's lots of banners in hell when your rotting in there you atheist fuck"

"gods going to fuck your ass with that banner scumbag"

For an extensive catalog of the harassment Jessica has endured, follow this link.

One might cut these kids some slack because, well, they are stupid kids, but then there's this piece that has not only emphatically called Jessica a "bigot", but has posted a photoshopped photo to hammer home the point.

I can only conclude that these people, these so-called highly moral Christians, the ones with the one-way pre-punched ticket to Heaven, not only fundamentally misunderstand the constitution of the United States, but are fundamentally abhorrent, despicable people. Jessisca is a sixteen-year-old high school student, for crying out loud. Presumably grown adults attacking her in such a way is beyond the pale. So much for Christian morality.

But all of this highlights another problem: Christians, or the sort of amoral Christians highlighted in this thread, lack critical thinking skills. It demonstrates what Christianity does to the human mind. In their hateful screeds, they do what none of us atheists could possibly do with such effectiveness and clarity: They expose Christianity for what it really is. They highlight, beyond a doubt, that the moral system taught in Christianity is utterly bankrupt.

One might think they would realize the mockery they make of their own religions before they post the hate. But no, they don't, because they don't have to. That is the position of privilege Christians are afforded in the U.S. Their arrogance, their utter disregard and inability to respect a fellow human being says it all.

The hate monger who called Jessica a bigot seems to have no understanding whatsoever that the State cannot endorse religion. Further, in this laughable assertion, he writes:
"In fact, students could challenge this court case, simply based on the First Ammendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, OR prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”
Yeah, good luck with that one.

This stuff demonstrates, with unusual clarity, that in the Christian mindset it is A-okay to demonize an atheist, to dehumanize her. Most atheists, the reasonable lot we tend to be, tend to forget this indisputable fact: If you are an atheist, Christians hate you.

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