Tennessee Student Speaks Out Against Anti-Atheist Bigotry

PantherWhat do we want of our children during their high school years? How about excellent grades, athletic prowess, and leadership in extracurricular activities? Krystal Myers is a high school student at Lenoir City High School in Tennessee who has these attributes. She is an honors student, captain of the swim team, and editor of the school newspaper. What parent wouldn't be proud of that? There's just one little problem: Krystal is also an atheist who dares to speak out against the bigotry and discrimination she faces in her predominately Christian public school.

Krystal recently wrote an editorial for her school paper, "No Rights: The Life of an Atheist," in which she questioned the negative views many hold toward atheists and suggested that the promotion of Christianity by personnel at her school may be unconstitutional. Not surprisingly, the school refused to publish her editorial in the paper.
Schools Director Wayne Miller said it was the decision of the school authorities not to allow publication of Myers' editorial because of the potential for disruption in the school.
police stateRight. Because blind acceptance of the status quo, a religious status quo with no place in our public schools, is superior to critical thinking and debate any day. Is that really the lesson we want our nation's children to take away from their education? Ignore what you know to be unjust because failing to do so could be disruptive. So what if the rights of a minority are being trampled! Don't rock the boat. Nothing to see here. Move along.

I applaud Krystal's efforts. You can read her editorial here, and I encourage you to do so. Fortunately, the Knoxville News Sentinel was not afraid to publish it.

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