Secular Coalition Conference Call for Mississippi Scheduled

church and stateI told you earlier that the Secular Coalition for America was planning to form a state chapter in Mississippi and that they would be setting up a statewide conference call for interested Mississippians. The call has now been scheduled for July 19th at 3PM ET.

The purpose of the call is to begin the process of organizing a Mississippi chapter of the Secular Coalition. It sounds like the idea is to have people here who are willing to lobby our elected officials in Jackson.

According to the group's latest press release:
Participation is open to anyone who supports a strong separation of religion and government and wants to get involved, irrespective of personal religious beliefs.
I think it is wise that they are interested in finding allies who want to promote separate of church and state, regardless of their individual religious beliefs (or lack thereof). I suspect there are some religious people here in Mississippi who would be happy to be a part of such efforts.

The press release also caught my attention with this bit:
A recent Pew Forum study indicated that 9 percent of Mississippi residents do not express an absolute belief in God, and 18 percent disagreed that "religion is very important to their lives."
I wouldn't have guessed the numbers in our state were that high.

If you are interested in participating in the conference call and learning more about what the Secular Coalition hopes to accomplish in Mississippi, you can find everything you need to know, including the phone number and access code here.

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