Mississippi Still Pushing School Prayer

School PrayerI don't know how Hemant Mehta (Friendly Atheist) does it. I live near Hattiesburg, and I hadn't heard about efforts to have prayers broadcast over the intercom system during high school football games in one of the local school districts. Somehow, Hemant knew all about it.

The reason this particular case is so important is that those pushing for organized prayer, despite prior court rulings that it is unconstitutional, get so little pushback at the local level. Because it isn't particularly safe for many atheists in Mississippi to be open about their atheism and because so many local Christians seem to want this sort of thing, few are left to speak out against it.

Fortunately, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is helping. They've warned school superintendents throughout our state that reading prayers over the loudspeaker will be challenged in court. I hope that will be a sufficient deterrent.

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