Reporting Church-State Violations

constitutionOne of the main reasons we do not report church-state violations is that doing so may cost us our jobs (or worse). Fortunately, the Freedom From Religion Foundation accepts reports online and pledges to protect the confidentiality of those making the report. That is, they will not disclose your identity to those about whom the complaint is made without your express permission. I have used this online reporting system myself with positive results.

There are at least two reasons why I urge you to consider reporting church-state violations. First, there is a record that the violation occurred, and this can be helpful for tracking such things. And second, the FFRF may intervene to correct the violation. It is often as simple as their legal team sending a letter to the subject of the complaint explaining why what they are doing is illegal and asking them to correct the situation.

Reporting a church-state violation is one of the simplest forms of activism in which we can engage. And it can still be quite effective.

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