Bigotry at LSU

Here in South Mississippi, I find that many people have some connection to LSU. I suppose that shouldn't be too surprising considering its size and football prowess. So when the blog No Forbidden Questions wrote a post titled And 8 out of 10 LSU students…, I had to see what it was about. This Facebook post was what it was about:


No Forbidden Questions provides a better response than I could have come up with by saying:
As far as this “walk on campus without being afraid for your life” part — Tiffany & Co., I’m sorry to have to break it to you, but atheists have been around on your campus this whole time. You have atheist classmates, atheist professors, atheist TAs. I’d bet LSU also employs atheist cashiers in your dining halls, atheist janitors who clean up your messes, and atheist bus drivers chauffeuring you around in campus shuttles. They weren’t threatening you before, and they’re not threatening you now. In fact, they’ve learned to put up with you and your religious bigotry. Learn to live with them.
I'd like to think that Tiffany's attitude toward atheists would not be prevalent, especially at our institutions of higher learning, but I know better. This sort of bigotry is unfortunately common here.

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