Mississippi Shows Effects of Republican Policies

Republican ideology
Cottonmouth recently posted about how a lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act filed by our own Gov. Phil Bryant (R) was thrown out by a federal judge. I was glad to hear this, especially the part about how the judge's rationale noted the fact that Bryant already receives government-subsidized health insurance.

But the larger point, and the reason I'm posting this, is captured by the graphic. We can look to Mississippi and our neighboring states to see the effects of far-right Republican policies (e.g., our sales tax on food, our refusal to fund education to adequate levels, and the virtual absence of organized labor). If there is any merit whatsoever to far-right policies, these states should be among the most prosperous. Instead, we are famous for our poverty and inexcusable child welfare. It seems rather obvious that far-right policies have been a miserable failure.

When I hear friends in far more prosperous regions of the country talk about voting Republican, I must ask why they want their state to be more like ours.

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