See You at the Pole

This mildly amusing email was sent to me on the PTA listserv on Monday.

Hello Parents,
My mom is letting me use her computer to type my first email. 
 I want to tell you that Wednesday September 26 from 7:15-7:30am is "See You at the Pole".  
This is a time when students around the world gather to pray for their local schools, families, friends, and teachers.  
I went last year, and it was fun but cold.  If you can or would like to come this Wednesday morning, please do.  
See you at the flagpole! 

Thank you,
1st Grade
For more information on this student-led event, please visit www.syatp.com

One just has to laugh at stuff like this.  Imagine this parent writing this email, choosing comic sans as the font, and adding the line "I went last year, and it was fun but cold."  I mean, you can't make this stuff up.

After reading up about these flagpole events, the criteria for them to be constitutional is that they originate from students, not teachers or parents, thus the subterfuge.  First and second graders, I would think, lack the wherewithal to organize a prayer event, but that doesn't stop determined parents from inserting Christianity everywhere they can.  Par for the course.