Mississippi Republicans Want More Guns and Jesus in Schools

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Of all the problems with education in Mississippi, chronic underfunding, poor performance compared to other states, underfunding, and underfunding, what is the House Education Committee worried about?  Why, typical conservative causes, of course, namely prayer and guns in school, as in, they want more of each.   They want teachers to pack heat in schools.  Yes, Republican logic mandates that we solve the gun problem with more guns.

Jesus, were he alive today, would no doubt want to shove Christian prayer down the throats of everyone, and no doubt he would be the biggest, most perfect gun nut one can imagine.  He would have a safe full of semiautomatics, an NRA membership, the whole nine yards.  You think you’ve seen gun-nuttery, imagine the son of god with an AK.  The dude never misses.  Enough said.

But in all seriousness, the Republicans want prayer in school, Christian prayer of course (is there any other kind?), and forget that they are lawmakers who should, at the bare minimum, know the law, should understand that the first amendment prohibits the state endorsement of religion, any religion, because the government is not in the religion business.  But, as we know, the second amendment is sacrosanct among conservatives.  The first amendment, not so much.