Prayer in a Mississippi School

I just received this post from a reader. See if you have any ideas for her. Assuming that this is a public school, I have to think what she observed was not legal. I'd consider contacting the Freedom From Religion Foundation, as I understand they can often contact the school without having to identify the family involved.

Please let me share my frustrations.

I am an atheist mom of a first grader. I share with my daughter, vaguely, my belief that god is 'make believe'. I do this vaguely simply because I love that she believes in Santa Claus and once she gets old enough I will have the two to compare because I believe that god, like Santa, is pretend and fiction.

Today was 'Meals with Moms' day at my daughter's school in Lamar County so I happily took off work to attend. Before leaving for the lunchroom with all the moms and excited daughters, the teacher said 'its time for our blessing' and commenced to recite the 'god is good' kids prayer. I looked in awe as EVERYONE in the room, including my daughter who bumped me to close my eyes, bowed their heads!

Help! How do I address this without my daughter being an outcast or treated differently??

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