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A stachue of santa claus
A stachue of santa claus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Here is a contribution from PK ATHEIST about the recent post on prayer in a Mississippi school.

Regarding the illegality -- if she chooses to do something -- I would think she would want to contact not only the Freedom from Religion Foundation but the ACLU of Mississippi and the Americans United for Separation of Church and State. The only way I can see that this could be at all remotely legal (not that that bothers Mississippians) is if one of the moms started the prayer. They've been using that kind of fiction you know in some ways like that prayer at the pole crap (Regardless I would keep all three of the above posted I think and be sure). The ACLU of Mississippi has had some success I believe with letters to these school districts, the Freedom from Religion Foundation too, and Americans United as well. Americans United is at www.au.org She could turn them in anonymously at any of them I would think especially if she didn't give her name as then they couldn't inadvertently let it slip.

Regarding her daughter. I think she might want to consider telling her daughter about Santa soon and doing it as my minister father did when I was 6. He wrote on the blackboard that Santa Claus was the spirit of Christmas and giving, a symbol of giving to others. I immediately second doublechecked that this wasn't going to affect gifts -- it wasn't -- said "okay" and we went on from there. Santa Claus continued in our household throughout the rest of his life and continues in my adulthood too. School kids do their version of telling one about Santa and that is why my dad didn't want to wait. (One had of course already heard rumors though I didn't want to disappoint him and tell him that.

My road to atheism really started as a preschooler with my father having told me firmly there was no such thing as ghosts and my then mulling over the Trinity & "holy ghost" business in the hymn "Holy, Holy, Holy." She might want to explain to the child that god is a symbol a lot of people use for trying to guide people ethically and that somewhere along the way some people think of him as real instead of an embodiment of a concept of how to be good (or however she sees it). If she doesn't share her position & foster thought on it, it won't be the entrenched one it seems to me as there is something to what you hear under age 7 having a great impact.
She might mention to the school principal how RUDE it is for those who are Jews or atheists or who believe in complying with the law without mentioning that she herself fits in one of those categories? The school principal may not know, may welcome straightening out this teacher.

There was one in another local school district in the 80s who had students praying for points, a story I may share later.

PK ATHEIST, my two cents

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