Update From Atheist Mom of First Grader Facing Teacher-Led Prayer in School

Here is an update from the atheist mother of a first grader who contacted us to share her frustration about teacher-led prayer in her daughter's public elementary school.

I just wanted to follow up as you were so kind in sharing my frustration:

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has sent a letter to the school superintendent (cc: school principal) regarding my complaint, anonymously. I am so grateful! They very eloquently pointed out that "Parents, not teachers, are entitled to decide what religious ideologies to expose their children to." They also requested that all administrators and staff be informed that they are not permitted to direct, encourage, or participate in religious exercises with students.

The FFRF expressed that they would let me know if they received a response, as requested, from the school.

So.....I looked up the school superintendent's bio:
Ben is deeply involved in Lamar County and the local area being an active member in the Heritage United Methodist Church, as well as many other Christian and family organizations in the local area, state and nationwide.
We shall see.............

Devout Methodist or not, I would hope the superintendent understands the importance of complying with the law and the vulnerability to a lawsuit if he does not. This is a great example of how the Freedom From Religion Foundation can help with church-state violations. Thank you for the update, and please do let us know what you hear next.

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