About Mayor Dupree's Prayer Breakfast

English: Mississippi gubernatorial candidate J...
English: Mississippi gubernatorial candidate Johnny DuPree at a forum sponsored by the Mississippi Democratic Club (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I have been trying to get additional information on Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree's prayer breakfast, which is scheduled for May 2, 2013, in spite of a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation explaining that government promotion of religion is unconstitutional. Here is what we know so far:
  • The city government's website is being used to promote the prayer breakfast.
  • The prayer breakfast is being held at the Lake Terrace Convention Center.
  • Tickets for the event are being sold through the city's website using a form that instructs attendees to make their check's payable to the "Mayor's Community Activity Fund."
  • Those with questions about the event are directed to a city employee at a city telephone number.
The exact amount of money the city is spending to lease the convention center, promote the event, book the talent, etc. is unknown. The Freedom From Religion Foundation has filed an open records request to obtain this information.

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