Blue (Da Ba De)

Mississippi state welcome sign
Mississippi state welcome sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This one is from a new contributor, noweb, who resides in Oxford. We are happy to welcome him and look forward to hearing more from him.

It bewilders me that a state like Mississippi within a caucus of neo-conservative agenda would still allow strict regulations on small businesses and stores throughout the entire state. Although these "blue laws" have receded over the last decade in some of our more populated areas, they continue to interfere with business throughout much of the state. For example, these laws prevent merchants from selling alcohol cold, on Sundays, or just in general. According to a Gallup poll from March of 2012, Mississippi is the highest populated state of “very religious” people (right before Utah), so it is easy to understand why we still have to have these kinds of discussions.

Not only do these laws prohibit some people who are not even affiliated with any kind of religion from buying beverages containing alcohol, but they obstruct businesses trying to sell their goods who also don’t abide by religious law. It is understood that most of our legislators don’t necessarily care what “other” people think of things, but it seems unconstitutional to allow these laws to remain. The U.S. was founded on religious freedom, and this includes the freedom from state religion. That these laws do not fit with this should not be so hard to grasp.

Essentially, the only thing we can do as atheists in these kinds of scenarios is to simply voice our opinion to these elected officials. If you get discouraged because your work is seemingly in vain, don’t. This is not going to change overnight. Letters have to be written, and you might possibly have to try a petition or two. Just get out there and act if you feel that these laws, or anything for that matter, are worth fighting for. Just take a peaceful approach toward change; it’s the most logical way.

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