Does Mississippi Need an Atheist Church?

Church with multiple hand made signs, Mississi...
Church with multiple hand made signs, Mississippi. On Old Highway 61 just north of Vicksburg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
You have probably heard about the development of what some in the mainstream news media are calling "atheist churches." If there was something like this here in Mississippi, something along the lines of the Sunday Assemblies or Godless Revival, would you be interested? Is this the sort of thing you'd be likely to attend or not?

From the descriptions I've seen of the Sunday Assemblies from those who have attended them in other states, I can't say that they would hold much interest for me. I do not miss anything about church, and these events sound too church-like for my tastes. Still, I wonder how many ex-Christians in Mississippi might miss some aspects of church that they might find at such events.

What do you think?

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