SB 2681 Signed Into Law

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(Photo source: Wikipedia)
Gov. Phil Bryant signed SB 2681 yesterday. The Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act has passed and will take effect on July 1. We will now see "In God We Trust" added to our state seal even though many Mississippians do not believe in any sort of gods. We may also see businesses discriminating against LGBT individuals and then hiding behind their fundamentalist Christianity to excuse it. But most of all, Mississippi will retain its reputation for intolerance and bigotry, a reputation that has been devastating to the state's economy, leads increasing numbers of bright young people to move away as soon as they are able, and has helped to keep us locked in a cycle of poverty.

Thank you to all who have been working so tirelessly in opposition to SB 2681. Clearly, our work is far from over. The good news is that your efforts have demonstrated to anyone paying attention that there is significant opposition to this legislation in Mississippi. We must now figure out how best to channel our opposition to this law into the sort of meaningful change that will move us closer to equality and the preservation of church-state separation.

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