Sunday Assemblies Still Going Strong

Old section of Natchez, Mississippi. Side of F...
Old section of Natchez, MS. Side of First Presbyterian Church (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Sunday Assemblies I mentioned in this post back in January have been doing well and continuing to grow. It appears that there are many atheists around the world who miss many aspects of church and are ready to embrace a non-theistic alternative that patterns itself after church.

It is difficult for me to imagine ever wanting to attend an "atheist church," as I still do not have any positive associations with church. At the same time, I suspect that a place like Mississippi might be an ideal location for something like this.

I imagine that many people who grew up here attending Christian churches might value some of the non-religious aspects Sunday Assemblies or something similar could provide. For many Christians in Mississippi, church seems to be the central hub around which much of their life is organized. From what I have heard from some Christians, virtually all of their social lives revolve around church. Walking away from that would likely leave a void for some. Perhaps this is the sort of void Sunday Assemblies or something similar could begin to fill.

I also think that seeing something like this in Mississippi could serve as a much-needed reminder to our Christian neighbors that not everyone who lives here shares their faith. The media attention these Sunday Assemblies seem to generate in other areas could help to highlight the presence of atheists here too. That could be beneficial to all of us, including those who would have little interest in attending any sort of church.

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