Mississippi AtheistsWelcome to Mississippi Atheists, a blog providing information and resources for atheists in Mississippi since 2008.

What is Mississippi Atheists?

Mississippi Atheists is a blog written by a small collection of atheists in Mississippi. We are not any sort of official group or organization. In fact, many of us have never met face-to-face.

Our reasons for contributing to this blog vary, but my primary motivation involves the desire to provide an online hub for atheists to learn about Mississippi and for Mississippi to learn about atheism. As the most religious state in the U.S., Mississippi can be a fairly inhospitable place for atheists. And yet, here we are.

Mississippi appears to be one of the few states without any sort of statewide atheist group. We are pleased to have many active atheist groups spread throughout the state; however, we recognize the drawbacks of not having a statewide organization.

Media Requests

I regularly field requests from media organizations in Mississippi looking for someone to comment on issues of relevance to atheism. While I am not in a position to serve this role, I will certainly distribute such requests here or through other appropriate channels. However, it may be worthwhile leaving your request as a comment here or on our Facebook page since I do not check email daily.

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